We all will do whatever it takes to comfort our sick loved one.

I do honor the selfless behaviour all of us have but a few simple techniques can protect you, your other family members and people coming in contact with you.

Working with Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) and Optical Particle Sizer (OPS) at IIT Bombay

How to take care of COVID patients at home? I have been approached by people for suggestions who knew I have worked extensively on aerosol dynamics, CFD and air purification technologies. After working on air in the best labs of India, I do feel I am qualified enough to give my suggestions in the hope it will help people who need to take care of loved ones with COVID-19.

Please read…

Social entrepreneurship has became another business to make money. After participating in couple of good competitions and challenges this is what I have realized. Here is why:

  • You will find a few startups everywhere… And yes, they would win everywhere.

I once saw a startup who has already received a total funding/grant of 4 crore (it was mentioned in their pitch). After that, they have won 3 more competitions which would add up to around one more crore. They are running for past 4–5 years and they haven’t developed a sustainable business model or strategy yet. I seriously don’t think…

Ravi Kaushik

CEO at AiRTH (www.airth.in)

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